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I was born and raised on Long Island, New York and then went to college and law school in Philadelphia which left an indelible mark on my sports fandom as I spent far too much of my free time and money on the Broad Street line going to the sports complex to catch Phillies and Flyers games. I moved to Phoenix in 2005 and my love of hockey led me to quickly adopt the Coyotes as my local sports addiction. A season ticket holder for the past four years, I got to know Travis Hair over at Five For Howling and currently contribute there as the Associate Editor. SB Nation and the Coyotes rabid Twitter fanbase have introduced me to some of my closest friends in the valley and I hope to bring that same sense of camaraderie to everyone that makes their way out to Glendale to catch some Coyotes hockey - or even those that just tune in to games and want to get a better understanding of exactly what is going on.

Phoenix Coyotes Signing Players, Selling Tickets

A quick update on the Phoenix Coyotes offseason moves of the past week, including announcements of increased season ticket sales.

NHL Playoff Predictions: Biased and Random Picks Revealed

Previews and predictions for the 2011 NHL Conference Finals between the Sharks and Canucks and Bruins and Lightening.

NHL Playoffs Second Round Biased And Random Predictions

Non-expert picks and predictions for the second round of the NHL playoffs.

Coyotes Ownership Questions Still Loom, But Fans See Glimmer Of Hope

Thoughts on the current situation with the Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation in light of the ridiculous "Cupcake Summit" hosted by Goldwater Institute.

Coyotes Playoff Life In Jeopardy - Is the Franchise Far Behind?

Reviewing the Phoenix Coyotes playoff series with Detroit Red Wings through the first three games.

Completely Biased and Random Playoff Predictions

Coyotes and Others Punch Ticket To Postseason; Seeding Still In The Air

Coyotes Week In Review: Setting The Stage For The Playoffs

A look at the week that was for the Phoenix Coyotes, recapping their wins against Edmonton and Vancouver and loss to Chicago

Coyotes Month In Review: Streaking Up, Streaking Down

A look back at the month that was for the Phoenix Coyotes.

Coyotes Week In Review: Bad Start, Bryz Finish

A look at the week that was for the Phoenix Coyotes.