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I am currently a student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and an Arizona native born and raised. My infatuations include every professional Arizona sports team besides the Arizona Cardinals (I’m a Denver Broncos fan so I’m not entirely suicidal). First and foremost though comes ASU and everything ASU sports. Beyond that, I’m an obsessive pop culture nerd whose head is crammed full of too much useless information to keep track of. About 78% of what comes out of my mouth is recycled from a movie of TV show somewhere. Someday I hope to be either a sports columnist or screen writer. Or a space cowboy. I haven’t decided yet.

Suns go cold on the court in 92-81 loss to Memphis

For the second consecutive game, buckets were hard to come by for the Phoenix Suns.

Arizona Cardinals players wait out hiring process

For Arizona Cardinals players left wondering who will be their next leader, there's only one thing to do: wait.

Suns sticking at home to face Jazz, Grizzlies

The Phoenix Suns will have a chance for their 2000th franchise victory this weekend against the Jazz and Grizzlies.

Chiefs 'beat' Cardinals to Reid, says John Clayton

Looks like the timing of his interviews played a huge part in Andy Reid becoming the Chiefs next head coach.

Cain Velasquez could have played football at ASU

Cain Velasquez was closer to playing on the gridiron of Sun Devil Stadium than most realize.

Santonio Holmes Super Bowl catch voted top picture

Don't worry, we decided to put up a picture of angry Ken Whisenhunt instead of making you guys rehash that terrible catch.

Jaworski believes Todd Haley deserves another shot

At least Todd Haley knows Ron Jaworski is a fan of his work.

Jason Kubel expects to remain a D-back

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Jason Kubel doesn't seem too phased by all the trade talk lately.

Bill Snyder trying to avoid Fiesta Bowl shootout

Apparently Bill Snyder is trying to limit the Fiesta Bowl's offensive fireworks. What a party-pooper...

ASU vs. Utah: Battle of Bachynskis ends up a dud

This edition of brotherly love was a strictly a one-sided affair.