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Vontaze Burfict looks forward, not back

Vontaze Burfict had plenty of skeptics coming out of Arizona State, but he's been able to prove many of them wrong in just one season in the NFL.


After once being pegged as a future top 10 pick, you would have had to search very hard to find a NFL draft analyst who believed in former Sun Devil Vontaze Burfict prior to the 2012 NFL Draft. With all of the criticism he took, it wouldn't be a surprise to hear Burfict say he is out to prove his doubters wrong, but instead he said he is looking toward the future, not the past.

While appearing on XTRA Sports 910 AM on Friday, Burfict said he doesn't think back to the draft process and instead tries to keep everything moving forward and to stay positive. He said many draft analysts had him pegged wrong while others incorrectly called him a bad kid or said he had been in trouble off the field despite the fact Burfict said he has never had trouble off the field. Still, he isn't focused on proving those doubters wrong because he doesn't want anything to get in the way of improving.

"I don't really dawn back to what happened back in the draft because that can stop my process of getting better each day," Burfict said, via Sports Radio Interviews.

If his rookie season is any indication, Burfict will be able to let his play do the talking for him.