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Cain Velasquez could have played football at ASU

Cain Velasquez was closer to playing on the gridiron of Sun Devil Stadium than most realize.

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Before he was the UFC heavyweight title winner, Cain Velasquez had an opportunity to play linebacker for Arizona State, according to Odeen Domingo of the Arizona Republic.

Instead, he turned down the Devils' scholarship offer to pursue his dream of wrestling. Velasquez explained his reasoning behind his decision in his recent interview with the Republic:

"I was being recruited for both (football and wrestling) in high school by big schools and everything...To me, I knew I would be a better wrestler in college. I think that was it. My body size and everything was perfect for being a heavyweight wrestler rather than being a linebacker."

Of course, Velasquez still ended up a Sun Devil, wrestling for two years at Arizona State while becoming a two-time All-American in the process. Still, those ASU fans who have seen Velasquez's work in the octagon are probably pretty disappointed he never decided to give football a shot.

Even more intriguing is that if Velasquez came directly to ASU to play football instead of attending Iowa Central Community College for a year, he could have potentially worked along side Sun Devil legend Terrell Suggs. How's that for an intimidating linebacking unit?