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Will Sutton wants to go to the Rose Bowl, but still undecided for 2013 return

Will Sutton has goals already in mind if he returns to Arizona State, but the lure of the NFL lights might be too much to pass up.


As with most stars finishing out their junior seasons, Arizona St. Sun Devils defensive end Will Sutton is being asked about his future. He is the Pac-12 defensive player of the year, a consensus All-American and is on the radars of NFL scouts across the league. If he left for the pros, no one would ask why. The eye test says that he's ready and he doesn't have much else to prove on the college level, which is usually the reasoning behind players leaving early.

But Sutton also has a love for his university and his team, and wants to finish what he feels he started. So in two tweets by the Arizona Republic's Doug Haller, fans got to see both sides of Sutton's thinking. On one side, Sutton told Haller that he hasn't made up his mind yet on whether or not he'd like to return for his senior season. But in another tweet, Sutton let it be known that if he has anything left to prove, it is getting to the Rose Bowl.

So Sutton isn't a player who has left his team mentally already. When you have a season like Arizona State did, filled with ups and downs, one can understand checking out early. But he's still present, which can only increase the chances that he fulfills the wishes of fans of the program and returns to wreak havoc on the Pac-12 for one more season.