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Arizona State Football: Former Sun Devil unhappy with fan support

After losing to UCLA this week, fans turning on the Arizona State Sun Devils and first-year coach Todd Graham got a bold message from former ASU player Kyle Caldwell.


The UCLA Bruins knocked in a field goal at the end of the game on Saturday to drop the Arizona State Sun Devils to a 5-3 record. First-year head coach Todd Graham had ASU rolling, but after two losses in a row, some fans provoked ire from former ASU defensive end Kyle Caldwell.

Brad Denny at House of Sparky collected a long series of tweets from Caldwell, and with his permission strung them together in a bold message for Sun Devils fans.

"We all have high expectations every single year," Caldwell wrote. "There is no doubt about that.

"But it is up to the fans to help build this program. It could not be more destructive to see a half empty stadium and many of those who are there booing when they get frustrated. That is not how you motivate your players and that is not how you help the recruiting front. The fans need to really realize that on game day and get more involved in positive fashion."

Caldwell added that he fully supported Graham and said the fans' emotions and reactions were built upon the past. But none of those past struggles, Caldwell said, should be blamed on Graham.

The Sun Devils' schedule remains difficult. ASU heads to Oregon State to play the No. 11 Beavers this weekend after consecutive losses to Oregon and UCLA. After the Beavers, ASU plays the USC Trojans in Los Angeles.