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ASU waiting on MRI on Steffon Martin's injury

The Arizona State Sun Devils await an MRI to see if their starting linebacker is healthy enough to play the rest of the season.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona State Sun Devils look to recover from two straight losses and right their season on the road in Corvallis against the Oregon St. Beavers. Arizona State had cruised through the first half of their schedule, winning five of their first six games. But then ASU got trounced by Oregon before UCLA edged them for the second straight year in the final seconds (the Sun Devils missed a field goal last year, and the Bruins made a game-winner this season).

Arizona State now must find out whether one of their key contributors is healthy in linebacker Steffon Martin. Todd Graham had this to say about Martin's status in his presser.

"I don't know yet. We're hoping he is going to be okay. I think that everything was clear until today. I think he had an MRI this morning so we're waiting to hear back on that."

Graham also touched on the emergence of D.J. Foster, who is making huge strides as a true freshman.

"I watch how he responds to things that he's doing. I watch how his teammates respond to him. The thing about D.J. Foster is that I knew he was fast, I knew he was dynamic, and I knew he was talented, but the toughness of that kid is something that has really exceeded my expectations. He has that about him and people follow him. He doesn't say a lot. He's a man of few words but he's a guy that's developing into being a leader. You can see that his teammates gravitate to him."

Graham also hoped that Will Sutton and Nduka (Junior) Onyeali are on the path to recovery.

"Our depth is not very good but we're hoping that we're going to have those guys back. We'll know more as we progress into practice on Tuesday and Wednesday."

Read the full transcript of the Graham press conference here.