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Arizona State reaches 80 percent athlete graduation rate

The ASU Sun Devils have reached a student-athlete graduation rate of 80 percent, the target the school set when the statistic was introduced in 2005.

Christian Petersen

Arizona St. University has reached an all-time high of an 80 percent student-athlete graduation rate, reports the school's website. This was the school's goal number when the Graduation Success Rate was introduced by the NCAA in 2005, when ASU was graduating 69 percent of student-athletes.

The number places ASU in a tie for fifth-place in the Pac-12; the conference is led by Stanford (96 percent), followed by UCLA (84). Arizona St. is graduating 94 percent of female student-athletes. That's good enough for second in the Pac-12, Stanford is again the leader, with 98 percent of female student-athletes graduating.

Four teams at Arizona State have a GSR of 100 percent: women's golf, women's swimming and diving, women's tennis and women's volleyball. The football GSR is 63 percent, tied with baseball and just ahead of last-place men's wrestling at 54 percent.

In-state rivals University of Arizona have a 68 percent GSR, placing them in last place in the Pac-12.

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