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Arizona State Football: Sun Devils and Bruins, both eying Pac-12 Title Game, set for close game

Both Arizona St. and UCLA control their own destinies in the Pac-12 South, making Saturday's clash a big one in the race to the Rose Bowl.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

There is no doubt that USC is the favorite to win the Pac-12 South, but they are hardly a shoo in. Arizona St. and UCLA each control their own destinies in the division and that race to the Pac-12 Title Game, and eventually the Rose Bowl, begins on Saturday when the Sun Devils and Bruins square off in Tempe.

The two teams played a close game last year in Los Angeles, but these are two very, very different teams. They both have new head coaches, quarterbacks and a lot of turnover all over the field. This won't be a repeat of last year's clash, except for one thing -- it should be a close game.

House of Sparky expects this one to be tight with the key for Arizona St. being getting out in front. Most importantly, they need to make sure a field goal doesn't determine this one.

This is going to be a hard fought, closely contested game, much like last year's battle. While each team should be able to score some points, the relentless attacking by each defense should be in line for some turnovers. This will be a be a major test to see how ASU responds after such a embarrassing setback. If they can come out strong and get Taylor Kelly in a rhythm and keep him protected, the Sun Devil defense should be able to hold a lead for a big South division victory...provided it doesn't come down to a field goal.

If the Sun Devils can win, they will head to Oregon St. and USC knowing that the road to the title game is in their hands. Even better, they could lose to the Beavers and still top the South if they beat the Trojans. Of course, that is if they can win. It starts with getting the win this weekend.