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ASU vs Colorado: Andrew Sampson continues to lead by example

There has been a lot of change at ASU recently, but Andrew Sampson has been a constant for the Sun Devils.

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Christian Petersen - Getty Images

From coaches, to logos to uniforms, a lot has changed at Arizona State in recent years. One thing that's been constant over that time is offensive lineman Andrew Sampson.

The senior offensive lineman will start his 27th consecutive game on Thursday, the most of any current Sun Devil. He was also unanimously voted as a team captain this season, something that came as a surprise to Sampson. He said he leads by example so being named captain was somewhat unexpected.

Instead of being a vocal presence, or garnering a lot of attention, Sampson has just been consistently solid for Arizona State. Even in praise, Sampson isn't flashy. Offensive line coach Bob Connelly said Sampson doesn't "do anything especially good" but instead avoids mental mistakes and is an all around player.

Sampson is part of an offensive line that has been a big part of Arizona State's success this season. The Sun Devils have started the same five linemen in every game, giving them some consistency they've lacked in the past. The Sun Devils will attempt to stay undefeated in conference play on Thursday and just like he has for the last 26 games, Andrew Sampson will once again be a constant along the offensive line.