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Jordan Bachynski will face brother for first time when Arizona State plays Utah

The Sun Devils center gets to post up against his younger brother who stands just a couple inches shorter than him.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona State Sun Devils center Jordan Bachynski will face his also very tall brother Dallin Bachynski when conference play opens against the Utah Utes on Wednesday.

As Arizona Sports reports, at two years apart, the age difference was enough that the two have never played each other on opposing times -- until now.

The 7'2 Jordan Bachynski comes in a bit taller than his brother, by two inches, and is enjoying a fantastic defensive year. He has 59 blocks through 13 games, an average of 4.82 a game that is the third-best in the NCAA.

His 59 blocked shots are already good enough for fifth in Sun Devils history. He set a school record with 12 blocked shots and registered the first triple-double in school history against Cal State Northridge on Dec. 8.

The two brothers are excited to play each other and talked about how basketball matches between them growing up usually devolved into wrestling matches instead.

"My brother has a lot of confidence. Whether that is well-placed or not, we'll find out," Jordan said. "He's been talking a lot, but so have I. It's going to be a battle out there and I'm really excited to go at him."

Dallin Bachynski started out the season on the bench for the Utes but forced his way into the starting rotation. He isn't nearly as prolific of a blocker as his brother, only totaling 13 on the season.