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Arizona Vs. South Carolina State: Wildcat Fans React To Victory

The Arizona Wildcats improved to 3-0 on Saturday after a dominating 56-0 victory over the South Carolina State Bulldogs.

The Wildcats were dominant on both sides of the ball, finishing with almost 700 yards of total offense while holding the Bulldogs to eight first downs for the whole game. From the Arizona Desert Storm blog:

The Bulldogs only earned eight first downs and didn't get into UA territory until over nine minutes remained in the third quarter. S.C. State compiled 152 total yards as they only gained on average of 3.6 yards per pass attempt and 2.2 on rushes.

After a Week 1 scare against Toledo, the Wildcats have put up over 50 points in consecutive games. New quarterback Matt Scott continues to impress, throwing for 288 yards and three touchdowns against the Bulldogs.

Arizona will get a major test next week when they travel to Oregon to take on the highly ranked Ducks. As one blogger notes, the Wildcats may just have a fighting chance.

Looking toward Oregon, the foundation has been set for Arizona to compete. The Ducks' defense has been known to give up points to Arizona in the past few years, and the Wildcats' own defense has shown that, if they aren't the deepest or most athletic unit, they'll be in the right spots on the field and make the tackles they should.

That should give the Wildcats a good chance. And that's more than you could've said a month ago.

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