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Arizona vs. Toledo: Fifth-Year Senior Matt Scott Enters With New Perspective

Having a fifth-year senior in college football is a rare thing these days. Given the record number of transfers and early entrants for the draft each spring, coaches seldom have the privilege of developing one of their recruits for five seasons.

As the Arizona Wildcats take the field against Toledo on Saturday night, fifth-year senior quarterback Matt Scott will be the man under-center for new head coach Rich Rodriguez. These two might not have taken the most conventional route to this point, but they have arrived here nonetheless.

Ryan Finley of the Arizona Daily Star has the story:

"It's been a journey for me, growing every year, being better and more mature physically and mentally, just growing as a player and person," he said.

Scott said he learned two things during his time with the second-stringers.

"One, never take anything for granted. You never know what's going to happen or what could happen," he said. "And, two, always be prepared. As a quarterback, you have to be the most prepared guy on the field. I'm willing to put in the time and energy to be that guy."

This season will be Scott's final chance to shine under the bright lights of Arizona Stadium. If he doesn't play well, it's tough to see the Wildcats winning more than three or four games. If the fifth-year senior is able to apply what he's learned over the last four years though, we could be in for a fun season in Tucson.

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