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Arizona Stadium Is (Literally) Dirt; What Are The Wildcats Playing On In 2012?

The start of the college football season is less than three months away and football practices will begin in a couple of weeks from now. All eyes will be on the Arizona Wildcats this year under new head coach Rich Rodriguez, especially with a talented, experienced QB at the helm with Matt Scott calling the shots.

While we've heard about a new helmet for UA and the big renovations going on at Arizona Stadium, one big question is starting to pop up: what exactly are the Wildcats going to play on next season?

A look at this webcam following the development of the North End Zone Renovation Project shows the once-grassy field area covered in dirt and construction trucks.

There had been talks of the 'Cats getting new field turf for the 2013 season, but nothing has been said of it being installed before then. Unless athletic director Greg Byrne is hiding it extremely well, it appears nothing will be done in the next few months.

Players on campus are also starting to wonder a bit. Again, it isn't like Arizona has a home game next weekend or anything, but summer practices are right around the corner and it takes some time to get a field looking good, especially with the brutal temperatures in Tucson.

We'll see what happens. We all knew the renovations being done to the north end zone area would be extensive, but no grass on the field in the middle of June and no explanations from those who follow the program? Kind of odd.

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