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Arizona Wildcats Football Unveils New Alternative Copper Helmet

Arizona is adding a new helmet to their uniform repertoire.


The Arizona Wildcats have a football program in the midst of many changes. Mike Stoops is gone and has been replaced with Rich Rodriguez. Arizona Stadium added a monster scoreboard above their south end zone last summer, and there is currently a multi-million dollar facility being constructed near the north end zone.

Change is on the way in Tucson as far as college football goes.

On Wednesday night the athletic department announced that the UA would be wearing copper helmets in 2012. They will not be worn every game -- think of them as an 'alternative' look for the team -- and the typical red, white and blue uniform combinations will still be worn each week.

"Copper will not replace our traditional colors of red and blue, and the copper helmet will be worn on a limited basis," wrote Byrne in his weekly address to the fan base.

My take on the helmets? I don't like them at all, and I can't imagine too many recruits will have much of an opinion on them, either. Here's hoping to the Wildcats only wearing them once this season and prepare for new uniforms in 2013, which coach Rodriguez has hinted at in the past.

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