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Sean Miller Talks Impact Of Mark Lyons, Solomon Hill For Arizona Wildcats

Following a wild past month for the Arizona Wildcats through transfers both into and outgoing from the program, head coach Sean Miller met with the media on Tuesday to discuss a wide range of topics. Among the hottest topics on the agenda: how Mark Lyons will fit into the program, Kevin Parrom's recovery from a broken foot and Solomon Hill moving to his natural position.

Here were news and notes from Miller's press conference:

  • Coach Miller addressed T.J. McConnell, who transferred from Duquesne and will sit out next season, and thinks his impact in practices will be huge for the Wildcats. Not only will McConnell get to learn the system for once he becomes the starting guard in 2013, but also get to compete and challenge everyone else in practice. Miller mentioned his ties to T.J. and his family, and really gained respect for him after he played against Arizona this past year.
  • As expected for weeks, the plan is to redshirt Matt Korcheck next year. He will be eligible for two seasons after that. Similar to McConnell, coach Miller was very excited to see what Korcheck brings to the program in practice. He felt Korcheck will develop very nicely once he gets in a full year or practices and working in the weight room.
  • Miller had nothing but great things to say of Mark Lyons, who recently decided to become a Wildcat after four years at Xavier. Miller praised his work ethic and competitiveness on the court, and feels that his toughness will be huge for the team next season. Look for Lyons to arrive in Tucson around the Fourth of July, just in time for the start of the final summer school session.
  • After playing the four-spot for much of last year due to a lack of size, Solomon Hill will exclusively play small forward as a senior. Miller also said that Hill has earned 30+ minutes a game due to his talent and experience.
  • Kevin Parrom's foot is completely healthy after breaking it last January. Coach Miller emphasized just how import Parrom will be to the team given his experience and ability to be a physical presence on the wings. Look for him to play a little bit of small forward behind Hill, and also to see quite a few minutes in the backcourt at the two.
  • Coach Miller believes the size and strength of his team will be a huge advantage over the competition. He also hinted at many possible lineup combinations, going big or small at any point in the game. Miller feels that the balance on his roster will be huge throughout the long season.
  • And finally, this might have been the most telling quote from Miller's entire press conference: "I feel like we finally have two feet on the ground."