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Former Arizona Wildcats Guard Josiah Turner Arrested For DUI

Have you ever known someone who has the entire world ahead of them, just for them to foolishly waste their life away by constantly getting into trouble?

Has there ever been a person you just wanted to shake and scream at them to wake up?

Josiah Turner is that guy in Tucson.

A five-star recruit out of high school, Turner came to the University of Arizona as arguably the most heralded player to ever walk into McKale Center as a freshman. Since joining the Arizona Wildcats' program last summer, this is what he has done:

  • Two one-game suspensions, including one that made him miss a key road game against Florida.
  • An indefinite suspension the day before the Pac-12 Tournament began, which ended up costing him a total of four games.
  • And now, after announcing his intentions to transfer to a different school, Turner has been arrested on suspicion of DUI.

All of the talent and potential in the world, yet he simply refuses to wake up and get his life together. Because of his foolish and selfish actions, Sean Miller and the coaching staff have had to look everywhere for a replacement point guard. And while everything may end up working out in Tucson, the simple fact is that the situation should have never presented itself in the first place.

Now, Turner is no longer the UA's problem. He can continue his basketball career elsewhere, assuming some school will take on all the baggage he brings along with him. Best of luck with that, kid.

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