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Pac-12 Basketball Tournament 2012: Arizona Wildcats Suspend Josiah Turner Indefinitely

The Arizona Wildcats probably need to win the Pac-12 Tournament if they plan on earning an NCAA bid. Their at-large candidacy was submarined with an embarrassing loss to lowly in-state rival Arizona State. They need three wins in three nights to keep on playing and start dancing.

They'll have to do it without their troubled freshman guard Josiah Turner.

Turner has gotten in trouble before. He was suspended for a crucial contest against Florida that Arizona eventually lost in overtime, then he was involved in crucial mishaps in a few of their losses. Turner has done okay in passing the basketball but has really struggled with his turnovers and is the worst shooter among the usual five. It's clear that Turner is probably going to be on thin ice if he returns for the postseason or when the offseason commences, particularly with a talented freshman class that has a player or two that could take away his spot.

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