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Bracketology 2012: Arizona On The Outside Looking In

The Arizona Wildcats are on the outside looking in at the NCAA Tournament right now and will need a big showing in the Pac-12 tournament - most likely needing to win it - in order for anything to change in time to sneak into the tournament.

Both SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean and ESPN's Joe Lunardi have the Wildcats in the next four out section of their most recent Bracketologies. Teams like Tennessee, VCU, Oregon, NC State, Miami, Iona, Texas, Mississippi and Dayton are in Arizona's way for one of the coveted at-large bids.

Arizona's best chance to get into the tournament would be to take the decision out of the selection committee's hands and win the Pac-12 tournament outright. With how weak the Pac-12 team is right now, top teams like Washington and California are not powerhouses. It can be done.

But can the Wildcats do it?