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T.J. McConnell, Arizona Wildcats Could Be Perfect Fit

The Arizona Wildcats are set up well for the future with the possible exception of the point guard spot, arguably the most important position in the college game.

While most felt freshman Josiah Turner was the man to lead the program for years to come, issues off the court have prevented him from living up to his potential and he may find himself off the team if he does not get his act together. After already serving three suspensions this year, Sean Miller may not even let him try and prove himself once again next season.

Jordin Mayes was the backup point guard for most of the season and is a sturdy-yet-unspectacular option for the UA. A lack of athleticism will likely prevent him from becoming an elite point guard, but he knows the offense and will be one of the few upperclassmen on the roster in 2012-13.

With Turner's future uncertain and Mayes' injury history a serious concern, where do the Wildcats turn for a point guard for years to come?

A sophomore point guard, McConnell actually played at McKale Center last season with Duquesne, going for 13 points, five rebounds and four assists against Arizona. He averaged 11.4 points, 4.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists last year.

The early word is that coach Miller is very interested in bringing him to Tucson to play his junior and senior seasons.

Due to NCAA rules, T.J. would have to sit out a year -- he could redshirt in order to save a year of his ineligibility -- but would likely become the starting point guard come 2013-2014 as a junior. McConnell would be allowed to practice all next season with his new teammates, which would be huge as far as building chemistry with them goes.

Many programs around the nation are interested in McConnell, but it appears that the Wildcats sit near (or at) the top of his list. With so much uncertainty surrounding the point guard job in Tucson, you can bet Sean Miller will be looking at any and all options to better his program for the future.