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Free Vacation To The Bahamas? Sean Miller, Arizona Wildcats Preparing Summer Basketball Trip

The 2012-2013 basketball season could be a magical one for the Arizona Wildcats. Their best player, Solomon Hill, will likely return for his senior season. Josiah Turner and Nick Johnson, who have nearly an entire season of starts under their belts as freshmen, should return. Kevin Parrom will be completely healthy after suffering a gunshot wound to the leg and breaking his foot.

And let's not forget about the No. 1 overall recruiting class that will be making its way to Tucson, headlined by three five-star post players all capable of contributing immediately.

While there is plenty to look forward to, there will undoubtably be some growing pains, especially with Kyle Fogg and Jesse Perry graduated, two guys who have started more than 150 combined games in their careers.

Fortunately for Sean Miller, the coaching staff and the returning players, they will likely get to experience an incredible opportunity during the summer months: a trip to the Bahamas to bond off the court and gain valuable experience on the court.

Bruce Pascoe has the details from coach Miller and the basketball operations department:

Not only will Sean Miller likely have a much fuller complement of talent on hand to work with next summer, but he'll also have much more time to work with it.

Miller said on his radio show tonight at the Wildcats will be well-prepared next season because of an NCAA rule change allowing limited summertime workouts and because they will likely take an exhibition tour.

The Wildcats are expected to leave in August for a short trip to the Bahamas, though details are not final, said Ryan Reynolds, UA's director of basketball operations.

And as for the main purpose of the trip, other than the vacation to the Bahamas:

"For us, it's more about the extra practices," Reynolds said.

For a team that will be breaking in at least four freshman into the rotation, plus any potential other freshman and/or transfers, there are simply not enough practice days for the coaching staff to get his players ready. Next year could be the defining season for Sean Miller in Tucson and he'll take every advantage he can get.

The trip is not a done deal although it looks like all that remains is to cross and dot a few letters. This could turn out to be a great experience for the Wildcats.