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Arizona Wildcats Showdown With Washington Will Not Be Called By Gus Johnson, Contrary To Reports

The game against the Washington St. Cougars on Thursday night remains a very important one for the Arizona Wildcats, but one cannot help but to look ahead to the looming showdown with the Washington Huskies. With revenge on the minds of everyone in Tucson -- the Huskies beat UA at the buzzer just a few weeks ago at home -- an electric atmosphere is expected in Seattle.

If the game itself would not provide enough fireworks, rumors today that Gus Johnson would be calling the matchup. Johnson is unquestionably the best announcer in sports and is simply marvelous down the stretch of closely contested games.

For Arizona fans, they will remember Johnson also called the Pac-10 Tournament Championship Game, which broke the hearts of Wildcats everywhere.

Sadly, these rumors are false and there will be no Gus Johnson this week. Boo. Booooo.

Here was Johnson's call that earned him a spot in conference history.

Instead of that awesomeness, Wildcat and Husky fans will have to listen to Kevin Calabro, who isn't too bad, and Marcus Johnson, who is downright awful.

Regardless of previous matchups (and the announcer pairings), the game on Saturday is the biggest of the season for Arizona. A win would basically guarantee the 'Cats a bid for March Madness and would be huge going forward as they look to win the regular season title. And we can only hope for yet another instant-classic with Washington, this time with a different outcome.