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The Arizona Wildcats could really use a win against Stanford

AZ Desert Swarm points out that three game losing streaks have been the bane of the Wildcat's existence in recent years.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats haven't had a lot of favors from the Pac-12 scheduling department the last couple of years, getting the USC Trojans, Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinal all scheduled in a row the past two seasons.

Each of the two years the Wildcats lost all three games and the season unraveled before their eyes. In 2012, the Wildcats are facing a similar circumstance, albeit slightly different. After a 49-0 mauling by the Ducks, the Wildcats lost to the Oregon State Beavers 38-35 on Saturday. This coming Saturday, the tri-fecta will be complete with a visit to Palo Alto, CA to face the Cardinal.

AZ Desert Swarm says the question is to see how well first year coach Rich Rodriguez is able to adapt to the adversity and toughness of the Pac-12 and instill that same toughness in the Wildcat's squad.

And while the loss to Oregon State might've been a blow to any bowl game hopes, how Arizona plays -- moreso recovers -- as the year wears on will be the key.

As it stands now, the Wildcats will probably play anywhere between six to eight of their games against ranked teams. Going into the Stanford game, it might be too early to call it a must-win game, but the Wildcats will have a tough time regrouping if they head into a bye-week on a three game losing streak that virtually negates the solid 3-0 start.