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Arizona Wildcats Start Demolishing Their Stadium (And It's A Good Thing!)

Arizona Stadium already received a ginormous video board this past season as part of the renovations the Arizona Wildcats will be doing over the next few years. The next (and biggest) step is to start demolishing the north end zone bleachers and old jumbotron in order to make way for the renovations that will provide the UA with new seating and a brand new locker room.

This project officially began last week and there is no going back after today. On Monday afternoon, Arizona Stadium saw their bleachers get demolished. The video board will be knocked down in the very near future as well. Fortunately for Wildcat fans everywhere, you do not have to be in Tucson to view the renovation project. We have a webcam link that monitors the construction progress 24/7.

Here is the link to the live stream.

And here is what Arizona Stadium will look like once the renovations are complete.

The North End Zone Project will not be completed until the beginning of the 2013 season (at the earliest), but it will be fun to follow the progress of the construction as the UA makes huge improvements to their football facilities.