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Jeff Casteel Finalizing Deal To Join Rich Rodriguez, Arizona Wildcats In Tucson

Jeff Casteel has been a hot name in recent days and rumors are flying left and right about the highly regarded defensive coordinator leaving West Virginia to join Rich Rodriguez in Tucson. While most believe there is already an agreement is in place, nothing has been made official and the earliest the UA will likely announce something would be Friday.

There are likely some outstanding details that will need to be addressed, most notably Casteel's salary. The DC was set to earn upwards of $400,000 in 2012 and he will likely receive a substantial raise to come to the desert. There is also the issue of saying goodbye to all of his players and deciding which of his assistants to bring along with him to Arizona, two decisions that are never easy for a coach to make.

Again, nothing has been made official, but multiple credible reports are suggesting Casteel will indeed by hired by RichRod and the UA in the very near future.

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