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Super Bowl 2012 Odds: Rob Gronkowski Featured Prominently In Prop Bets

Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots is a big weapon in Sunday's Super Bowl matchup if he plays. So it figures he gets a lot of attention in Super Bowl prop bets. After the jump, view the multiple prop bets that feature him!

Odds to win Super Bowl MVP: 8/1. Gronkowski has the third lowest odds, falling behind only the two Super Bowl quarterbacks Tom Brady and Eli Manning.

Player to score the first TD in the game: 11/2. The Patriots tight end has the best overall odds to put the first points on the board.

Player to score the first TD in the game: 11/4. Again, the Patriot with the lowest odds.

Over/under receiving yards: 82.5. All he needs is a few catches and he should be in good shape here.

Over/under receptions: 6. This is pretty close to average. Toss-up here.

Will he score a touchdown in this game? Yes is -165, No is +135. Pretty good odds either way.

Who will have more catches? Gronkowski (-125) or Victor Cruz (even)? This is a tough one and again probably will have a fairly random result.

Who will have more receiving yards? Hakeem Nicks (-125) or Gronkowski (even)? Gronk is more consistent in getting receptions, but Nicks is a deep threat who can run off yards in a hurry.

Who will have more receiving yards? Cruz -5.5 gets -125 odds, while Gronkowski +5.5 draws even.

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