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Bracketology 2012: Arizona Wildcats On The Bubble

The Arizona Wildcats are still a long way off from hoping to return to the NCAA tournament, especially after a heart-breaking loss in Boulder to the Colorado Buffaloes. At 13-7, Arizona still has a lot of ground to make up to get back into this race, and they need to run off a string of victories to get back in this thing.

Joe Lunardi of ESPN concurs in his latest bracketology, although Arizona apparently isn't in as bad shape as originally projected. The Wildcats are on the bubble, but they're close, as one of the next four teams out (fifth out, making them 73rd overall). Arizona had one of the toughest out-of-conference schedules in the Pac-12, and it seems to be paying off as they're not totally out of it despite their sub-optimal record. They just need to start winning soon.

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