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Sean Miller Mocks Team For Turnovers, Unhappy With Progress

Sean Miller is typically a straight-forward kind of guy who will tell it like it is without offending or meaning to insult anyone. After an embarrassing home loss this past weekend that placed a damper on the UA basketball program, coach Miller had an odd tone at his weekly press conference.

Instead of praising his players, he made multiple references to their unwillingness to make simple changes on the court. He once mentioned his 14-year old son and that he knows how to properly catch a basketball with two hands, implying his team continued to turn the ball over because of their silly mistakes.

"I'm not changing, the players are gonna change." Miller said on Tuesday.

It appears that coach Miller, being the excellent coach that he is, is using every tactic in the book for motivating his underachieving team. With the talent assembled on this roster, the thought of the program struggling in a putrid Pac-12 is bizarre, if not unfathomable. Yet here the team is with two tough losses to UCLA and Oregon, both of which were very winnable games with better execution down the stretch.

Miller also said his team did not practice once again on Monday, which gave the players nearly three days off in a row to recover both mentally and physically. All eyes will be on Utah on Thursday night as the Wildcats look to get back on track; will they come out refocused and determined, or will the loss over the weekend and lack of practice time lead the team to sloppy play?

Either way, it doesn't seem like it can get any worse, can it?