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PHOTO: Oklahoma State Debuts All-Black Uniforms With White Helmets vs. Arizona

It's going to be tough to top the Maryland Terrapin uniforms in terms of sheer outrageousness; those "things" were clear publicity stunts, and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. But there are certainly many different directions you can take sporting uniforms, and the Oklahoma St. Cowboys are happy to experiment. And their uniforms look fairly polished. Totally respectable actually. It's like they did it with the purpose of making real football uniforms that could be used again. I like this concept!

After this jump, take a close-up look at what the Cowboys will be showing on the field in Stillwater tonight against the Arizona Wildcats!


(via Ryan Sharp on Twitter; photo taken by photographer Nate Billings of the Oklahoman--click here for the image)

Brian Floyd does point out that those shoulder logos do look oddly famililar. Take a look at the title of this movie and you'll see that Maverick would have so approved of what the Cowboys are trying to pull out here.