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Kevin Parrom Shot: Suspect Identified By Police, Parrom Recovering In Tucson

Since being shot near his leg around 1 a.m. on Saturday evening, Arizona forward Kevin Parrom is back in Tucson and is recovering from the incident. While the bullet did not lodge into the leg itself, it did do a considerable amount of damage as it grazed the skin.

Fortunately, Parrom should be able to make a full recovery within a few weeks and he will return to the basketball court in a month or so, according to head coach Sean Miller.

As for who committed the crime, New York City Police have identified Jason Gonzalez as the prime suspect in the shooting. Gonzalez, 19, reportedly fired the weapon in a scramble with Parrom and then fled the scene moments after the discharge.

Local police are asking for assistance in locating Gonzalez and the article has information on what to do if you have information on his whereabouts. 

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