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Derrick Williams Continues To Help Arizona Basketball

Derrick Williams' accomplishments at the University of Arizona have been well documented. The All-American forward led the team in scoring his sophomore season, carried the team to an elite eight appearance, and was eventually selected with the No. 2 pick in the NBA draft.

Despite no longer occupying a spot on the Wildcats roster, Williams' impact continues to affect the UA program.

Bruce Pascoe talked with Williams on the future of his basketball career and the Arizona program:

"I went to Arizona expecting a four-year career and took two years off of that," Williams said. "I think it was a good thing for my family and especially Arizona as well because they've seen all that I've done individually. That just makes more recruits go there and win more games, too."

Since Williams was taken No. 2 overall, the Wildcats have received commitments from Grant Jerrett, Gabe York and Brandon Ashley, while also continuing to get in the door with more Top 25 prospects from multiple classes.

For high school players looking to get to the next level, it is all about exposure and which program will do the most for them to achieve their dreams. When someone like Derrick Williams -- who was not nearly as highly regarded as Jerrett, York and Ashley are out of high school -- propels his team to excellence and eventually a high draft selection, players around the country notice. This is great news for Sean Miller and his coaching staff as they prepare for the future.

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