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Arizona Basketball Recruiting: Nate Britt, 2013 PG, Unofficially Visits Tucson

Brandon Ashley wasn't the only prominent top level recruit that ended up taking a trip down to Sean Miller's rising Arizona Wildcats program. Nate Britt was also on the premises, according to Dave Telep of ESPN and numerous other sources. Britt received an early offer from Arizona, and it looks like there could be something there that justifies handing it out.

Britt is one of the top point guards in the country for the 2013 recruiting class, ranked 33rd overall by Rivals and 15th by the ESPNU100. Here's video of some of his sophomore highlights:

(via Prominent44)

(via Prominent44)

Britt might be a much harder get than Ashley. Ashley is a West Coast product and was targeted early and worked hard by Miller on his trips to the Bay Area. Ashley's subsequent transfer to the closer Findlay Prep also seemed like a solid sign that he was strongly considering the nearby Arizona basketball program. Ashley is a natural fit for the type of offense Arizona likes to run, and the program provides the perfect building block for him to get to the pros.

Britt is an East Coast player straight from the District of Columbia. So already all the local programs--Maryland, Georgetown, Virginia, Villanova, Rutgers, Seton Hall--are looking closely at him. Still, the fact that Britt would come on an unofficial all the way out West looks like a good sign that he is seriously considering relocation. And Arizona seems to always end up in the top 5 of whatever prospect they offer, so don't expect him to just shrug Arizona aside.