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Kaleb Tarczewski Decision Coming Soon Between Arizona and Kansas

It is a two team race to land Kaleb Tarczewski, one of the most talented centers in all of the country for the class of 2012. Sean Miller and the Arizona Wildcats are one of those teams, Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks are the other.

Recruiting site PointGuardU of the Coast2Coast Hoops Network has been on top of Tarczewski's recruitment. Here were highlights from their latest update:

The prevailing sentiment from most recruiting prognosticators is that a decision from Tarczewski could come any day now. However, that speculation is based on nothing more than presumption and the timetable of Zeus going back to school on September 9th.

In actuality, sources close to the recruitment have told PGU that a decision is more likely to come in early September as the battle between Arizona and Kansas continues. Both teams feel good about their chances and are doing everything they can to gain the final advantage. That battle has Tarczewski torn between which school he will attend and thus a decision isn't likely to come "any day now."

As for the leader? The media and fans can speculate all they'd like, but here is the truth to the situation:

Some days Tarczewski wakes up wanting to go to Kansas, and some days he wakes up wanting to go to Arizona. It isn't clear if more time will help him make a decision, or if he will just wake up one day ready to commit. There's no reason for Tarczewski to rush such a big decision, and so taking all the time he can makes sense.

Selecting which college to attend is a huge decision for any teenager, let alone one who was coveted by nearly every big program in the country with a solid basketball background. 

No one is certain what the final factor will be that separates one school from the other. It's still a two horse race between Arizona and Kansas and we still ask that you don't believe that Kansas is the leader. That information is inaccurate and has been for some time now. At this point, being the leader means nothing. All either school cares about is being the last one standing.

Which program will be the last one standing whenever Tarczewski makes a decision? We'll find out sometime in the next two or three weeks. Stay tuned...

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