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Coach Mike Stoops: Juron Criner Is OK, Ready For Camp

Arizona Wildcats fans have held their collective breaths ever since the reports came out of a potentially serious medical condition could force Juron Criner to miss the 2011 season, but according to head coach Mike Stoops, Criner is good to go and is already on campus.

From a story in today's Arizona Daily Star, Stoops said:

"We anticipate having Juron." ... "He had some family issues that were concerning over the summer, and those are personal. We anticipate him being the same player - or a better player - than he was a year ago."

Needless to say, this is excellent news for both Juron and Wildcat fans everywhere. Rumors and whispers were flying left and right when word arose of Criner's personal issues and (inaccurate) speculation was made by multiple sources. All that matters is No. 82 will be in camp for the Wildcats and ready to torment opposing defense in the Pac 12.

Training camp for Criner and his teammates will open on August 4. The season opener will be September 3 at Arizona Stadium as the Cats welcome in Northern Arizona from Flagstaff.