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Arizona Coach Sean Miller Had "Chemistry Issues" With Maryland AD?

The Baltimore Sun released a report last night that paints Maryland's attempt to lure Arizona head coach Sean Miller to College Park in a different light.

Late Saturday night, Arizona said Miller was signing a contract extension to remain with the school. The announcement set off rampant speculation in the media and on fan sites about what may have occurred between Maryland and the coach in the Las Vegas hotel room.

Anderson said in an interview Wednesday that were "chemistry issues." A source close to Miller agreed, characterizing the two as "oil and water."

 This is a very interesting piece of the story between Miller and Maryland. Miller himself acknowledged that he very seriously considered the Maryland job offer:

If you ever have in your own career, maybe to have the opportunity that at least causes you to pause and consider, I think all of us would say at one point or another, yes, and that's what this weekend was for me. It was an opportunity that I really felt in the best interests of our own family and myself to at least pause and consider.

At the end of the day, it makes sense that Miller would consider Maryland. It is one of the premier basketball schools in the country, and the ACC is a basketball conference first and foremost.

But as Miller realized, he has it very good at the University of Arizona. Not only does the fanbase love him, but the tradition of success established in Wildcats basketball will allow him to recruit premier basketball players every season.

If Miller and Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson had hit it off last Saturday, we'd likely be writing a different article today. Luckily for UA fans, Miller stayed in Tucson.