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Pac-10 Tournament: ASU Blown Out By Oregon

If you're a fan of Arizona State, their disastrous effort against the Oregon Ducks was hard to watch. After seeing the Devils defeat both Oregon schools handily last weekend, getting blown out by E.J. Singler and the Ducks is a huge disappointment.

What was the biggest problem? A lack of defensive effort from the Sun Devils. Oregon was able to shoot threes without pressure from the ASU zone. The Devils were able to make a small comeback midway through the second half, but a 20-point deficit was far too much to come back from.

This loss caps off a season that completely got away from coach Herb Sendek, who didn't seem to have the answers to the problems his team faced. ASU will not qualify for any postseason tournaments, and the careers of Ty Abbott, Rihards Kuksiks, and Jamelle McMillan are officially over after an ugly 12-19 season.

Should Herb Sendek not be able to right the ship in 2011-12, he could be walking on thin ice. After three consecutive seasons of 20+ wins, Sendek has proven that he has a lot to learn about consistent success in the Pac-10 after this season.

For more Sun Devils coverage, check out House Of Sparky. Though they're probably moving on to baseball now, or dreaming about a good football season with Brock Osweiler at the helm.