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Derrick Williams All-American Snub: Fans React To News

Derrick Williams is not a first team AP All-American.

For most fans of the Arizona Wildcats, this news is a slap in the face to an amazing basketball player. After showing the world just how talented he was in his team's Elite Eight run, it was broadly assumed Williams would be on the first team.

But don't forget, AP All-American picks are based on the regular season, just like an MVP or Cy Young in MLB. Your season-long statistics and output are weighed against the competition, and five players are picked. Here's the first team:

Jimmer Fredette, BYU Cougars

Jared Sullinger, Ohio St. Buckeyes

Kemba Walker, Connecticut Huskies

Nolan Smith, Duke Blue Devils

JaJuan Johnson, Purdue Boilermakers

AZ Desert Swarm had a unique take on this, saying "That's OK."

...It goes to show that the AP simply hadn't seen Williams.

Those who had, knew the whole deal.

Those who hadn't chose Purdue's Johnson, a guy with better numbers than Williams, comprable shooting percentages, and blocks that came otherwise of game winners. Not a bad choice. Plus, consider that the votes were tallied before the postseason, and you miss out on some of Williams' best clutch moments.

That ignorance comes down to TV contracts, one that Pacific 10 Conference president Larry Scott is, should I say, "has been for a while," trying to fix.

So yeah, Williams ended up on the second team. But look at all the compliments that came about over the course of this season, and you'll realize it's a symptom of a lack of knowledge, not disrespect.

If anything, look at it this way Wildcat fans; just another reason for Superman to prove everyone wrong yet again.

Putting a positive spin on this takes talent. Williams clearly deserved the nod, and it feels like a snub regardless of your allegiance.