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NCAA Tournament: Cinderella Mostly Smothered In Sweet 16

Well, it was a good run for the many of the Cinderella teams of the NCAA Tournament, namely Marquette and Richmond. While Butler and the victor of VCU/Florida St. will survive into the Elite Eight, the traditional powers have come back to set things to their rightful position.


Kansas. North Carolina. Connecticut. Arizona. Florida. These schools are synonymous with success in March Madness, and they are all still vying for the NCAA Tournament crown.


It wasn't that Cinderella lost; Cinderella was slaughtered. Richmond and Marquette lost by a combined 38 points this evening, and it never was close in either contest. People always think that with a couple of days to prepare, the lower seeds would be able to design new offensive schemes to break down the higher seed, but it goes both ways -- coaches have time to dissect game tape and design a game plan to decimate a less-talented team.


That's what happened to our dear Cinderellas. Thank you for your memories, but the time for talent and depth to shine through has come.