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Video: Grant Hill, Wearing Arizona Wildcat Gear, Flees From The Media

Plenty of guys are proud of their schools, and Grant Hill and Channing Frye are no exception. The two, of course, had a bet on the outcome of the Sweet 16 meeting between Hill's Duke Blue Devils and Frye's Arizona Wildcats. As we now know, Frye and the Wildcats pummeled Duke.

As a result of their bet, Grant Hill has the honor and privilege of wearing Arizona Wildcat Blue and Red for the next two days. In his first opportunity to show off his new colors, Hill tried to slip out the back way of the US Airways Center and avoid the media that was waiting for him after Suns practice.

We caught up to him in the parking lot as he rushed to his car, his head hung in shame, and quickly rolled up the tinted windows to minimize embarrassment. As you will see in the video, Grant briefly rolled down the window and showed a red polo shirt with the Wildcat logo that we are told, he will be wearing to tonight's Suns game. 

Here's the video.

After the jump is video of Channing Frye, also in Wildcats gear, talking about the win and Grant, before he changed, talking about his Duke team's loss.