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Duke vs. Arizona: Radio Interview With The Buzz 620 In Raleigh

I woke up at the crack of dawn today to speak with Tim Hall, host of The Sports Experience on The Buzz 620, an AM radio station based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Tim and I discussed several important issues in regards to the Arizona Wildcats, including the contributions from the supporting cast and whether or not Sean Miller would leave Tucson for the North Carolina State coaching job.

I was also able to speak to whether or not Arizona will be able to defeat the Duke Blue Devils tonight in the Sweet 16. It turned out to be a pretty decent interview, so feel free to listen to the .mp3 attached here.

Quick fun fact: did you know both Arizona and Duke went 17-0 at home this season? Road games were a different story, with Arizona going 7-4 and Duke going 6-4.

The NCAA Tournament matchup between Arizona and Duke tips off at 6:45 Pacific time this evening, and will be televised by CBS.

Cory Duke/UA Radio Interview