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Arizona vs. Memphis: Postgame Quotes, Interviews

After the Arizona Wildcats defeated the Memphis Tigers 77-75 in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, both teams held press conferences. Here's some interesting excerpts from the Arizona squad:

"We hung in there in a game where a lot of things went against us," Arizona coach Sean Miller said. "Our resiliency, we stepped up at the end and made some big plays. Many times in this tournament that's what's required.

"It's not the style points that you get, but it's being able to finish the job and make big plays when they count the most, and obviously these three guys [Derrick Williams, Jordin Mayes, and Lamont Jones] were responsible for several in the game."

Derrick Williams was asked a few different questions regarding his game-saving block in the waning seconds of the second half. "I just went up and tried to make a hard play on the ball like coach always tells us to do," Williams said. "Good thing it wasn't a foul.

"Earlier in the game they might have called it a foul just because he did fall on the ground. But late in the game most refs don't call that, that's why I went up so hard to try to block it and save the game."

"We just took it minute by minute, war by war," Jones added. "We just came together, kept coming together as the game went on. Whether they were up or we were up, we just kept coming together closer and closer as a team. That's what helped us pull it out tonight."

With the win, Arizona improves to 28-7 this season. They face the 4th-seeded Texas Longhorns on Sunday.

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