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Arizona vs. Memphis: Tipoff 11:45 A.M. PST

For the Arizona Wildcats and the Memphis Tigers, the wait is over: the NCAA Tournament has finally begun. The two squads will tip off at 11:45 A.M. Pacific time in Tulsa after the conclusion of Texas vs. Oakland. 

After watching 5 seed Vanderbilt fall to the Richmond Spiders of the Atlantic 10, Arizona is on upset alert. Memphis is not a flash in the pan, they've been consistently good for several years now. They are the type of team that can take a team from Pac-10 regular season champion and turn them into a "one and done."

Arizona has been a team that, all season long, has done a good job of defeating squads that were inferior to them. Memphis strikes me as a team that, while very young, can put together a quality game with the talent that they have. The Tigers are also prone to playing poorly; they lost 74-47 to the UTEP Miners in late February.

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