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Derrick Williams Called The Best NBA Prospect In The 2011 NCAA Tourament

Arizona Wildcats fans aren't likely to disagree with this assessment from Tom Ziller at Ziller called Derrick Williams the best NBA prospect in this year's tournament, putting him ahead of the better-known East Coast players, Kemba Walker and Jared Sullinger. 

The big question with Williams at the next level is position. Ziller contends that he could play the small forward in the NBA as opposed to the power forward position he plays now.

Derrick Williams Might Be 2011 NCAA Tournament's Best NBA Prospect -
The NBA is all about isolation at the small forward position, which is where Williams could land. He plays power forward at Arizona, and DraftExpress projects him at that position in the NBA. But he's not likely to be an NBA-level rebounder at power forward, and his perimeter game -- especially off the dribble -- seems to be solid enough to allow Williams to at least flirt with the small forward spot

I am not sure I agree that Williams can't play the four in the NBA. He rebounds well (not great) and would be a match up nightmare for most power forwards. As with most of these decisions, it will come down to how well he can defend. At 6-8  he's a bit undersized for the four but he is strong and is listed at 241 pounds. The Suns play Hakim Warrick at power forward and while Hak's a few inches taller, he's also 20 pounds lighter. 

Williams perimeter game and ability to put the ball on the floor and get to the line reminds me most of Antwan Jamison. I could see Derrick having more value as that kind of unique four as opposed to trying to guard three's in the NBA.