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NCAA Tournament: Number One Seeds Announced: Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh, and Duke

The top seeds were announced first on Selection Sunday, with Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh and Duke given the top honors in the 2011 NCAA Tournament.

Duke earned its spot in the top row after winning the ACC Tournament over North Carolina on Sunday afternoon. The only No. 1 seed not to win their conference tournament was Pittsburgh, but its body of work was good enough to warrant the top line.

Ohio State is clearly the best team in the nation, going 32-2 and having and RPI of 2. It defeated Penn State handily this afternoon. Kansas won the Big 12 Tournament and was also 32-2 in 2011.

All four teams are favorites to win their regions, though teams like San Diego State, Connecticut, Notre Dame and BYU are waiting to take down the top dogs. The rest of the bracket has yet to be released, but keep checking back for the latest information.