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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Arizona Wildcats Drop To 18th After Winless Weekend

After discussing whether or not the Arizona Wildcats deserved to be ranked 10th in the nation, UA proved us right and lost both of their road games in Los Angeles this past weekend.

Both the AP and the ESPN/USA Today polls dropped Arizona down to 18th overall, giving the program a reality check late in the season. Losing two games in a row is a bad sign for any program, but the Wildcats really need to find consistency soon if they want to make a postseason push.

The bracketologists, however, didn't flinch when it came to taking Arizona's winless weekend into consideration. SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean keeps Arizona up in the rankings, dropping them only one seed down to a six seed. ESPN's Joe Lunardi keeps Arizona as a fifth seed, having them play Missouri State.

The Arizona Wildcats have two games remaining in the regular season, both home games against Oregon State on Thursday and Oregon on Saturday. Then, UA is slated to play in the Pac-10 Tournament in Los Angeles on March 10th. After that weekend, we will know for sure if this team is ready for a long run in March Madness, or if they are going to continue their downward spiral.

Full AP rankings can be found here.