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Arizona Exposed: Wildcats Defeated Handily By UCLA, 71-49

This weekend was a fall from grace for the Arizona Wildcats (23-6, 12-4), who went from top ten ranking to two straight losses in Los Angeles. Maybe it's the smoggy air or the good basketball teams, but UA was outclassed by both USC and UCLA.

On Saturday afternoon, the Bruins dismantled the disjointed Wildcats, winning by 22 and never letting Arizona into the game.

Reeves Nelson scored 27 points and Joshua Smith scored 17 off the bench for UCLA (21-8, 12-4), who used their big men to consistently attack the soft Arizona interior defense. Derrick Williams looked tired and overmatched this entire weekend on defense.

The Wildcats have a lot of work to do before their final homestand of the season against the Oregon schools. Going into March is the worst time to fall apart as a team, and with the poor play of MoMo Jones this weekend, UA and its fans have to hope the team figures it all out soon.

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