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Arizona vs. Gonzaga Score: Wildcats Getting Embarrassed Early Against Bulldogs

The Arizona Wildcats played their worst half of the year and refused to work for anything other than jump shots. At the half, the UA trails the Gonzaga Bulldogs 39-21. To say the effort in the first 20 minutes was putrid would be an insult to putrid things around the world.

Arizona shot 1-for-9 from behind the arc and did not make a free throw in the half. Nick Johnson has one-third of the team's points with seven, while Jordin Mayes and Jesse Perry scored four points. Solomon Hill was 0-for-3 from behind the arc, has two points, no rebounds and no assists.

Gonzaga can do no wrong on either end of the court. They shot 43% from the floor, made eight free throws and hit three 3's. Elias Harris has dominated for GU, scoring 17 points in the first half.

The Wildcats fell behind 14-0 early and did not cut the deficit to less than 12 the rest of the way. It appeared the UA was mounting a late rally to end the half, but two turnovers quickly ended any chance of that.

At this point, anything less than a double digit loss is probably a moral victory. That first half was embarrassing and pathetic to watch. When is this team going to learn they cannot jack up shots whenever they feel like it?