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Arizona Wildcats Head Coach Rich Rodriguez Joins Twitter

Since coming to Tucson in the summer of 2010, athletic director Greg Byrne has brought revolutionary ideas to the University of Arizona. Whether it be getting the ball rolling on the Arizona Stadium renovation project, promoting the Wildcat Club to alumni around the world, or announcing the hiring of Rich Rodriguez over Twitter, Byrne has always gone above and beyond to promote the UA.

In his latest move, he has gotten coach Rodriguez to join Twitter. Social media is changing the way we live our lives and now Rich-Rod is just 140 characters away any time he wants. We have the confirmed Twitter account after the jump...

Here is his account: @CoachRodAZ

Just a few hours after the creation, it was nearing 1,000 followers. Various members from the athletic department have confirmed the account, so there's no need to wonder about the authenticity. There are some pretty great parody accounts out there for Rich-Rod, though.

Next stop: Sean Miller on Twitter! Although I'm not sure 140 characters would be enough...