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Sean Miller Called A 'Chameleon' As No. 1 Ranked Recruiting Class Prepares To Sign

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Sean Miller has been called a lot of things since coming to Tucson in April of 2009. Everything from being a savior to a traitor to a master; we've heard them all. 

Well, we thought we had heard them all, anyway. The latest name for Miller: a chameleon.

"You could dump Sean Miller in Russia, and he's going to come up with a great recruiting class," senior analyst Dave Telep said. "He's a chameleon. There were questions about bringing an East Coast guy out west - how would it work? (The Wildcats) own the West Coast right now."

With national signing week beginning on Wednesday, all four members of UA's No. 1 ranked recruiting class are expected to sign their letters of intent. That includes Brandon Ashley, Kaleb Tarczewski, Grant Jerrett and Gabe York, all players ranked in ESPN's top-36 for the class of 2012.

What Miller has done in just two and a half years is nothing short of incredible. It has been a bumpy ride at times, but Arizona, with the help of their No. 7 ranked class for 2011 and top-ranked class for 2012, is well on its way back to greatness. This could not have been achieved without our head coach and his relentless pursuit of the nation's best and brightest high school athletes.

The upcoming week should be a celebration for the Wildcats. The future is bright once again in Tucson and it comes directly from the efforts of a true Chameleon on the recruiting trail. Where would we be without coach Miller?