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Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Tee Shepard, Deontay Greenberry Enjoyed ASU Visits

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are trying to hold onto their top recruits. But they might have to fight to keep them.

Cornerback Tee Shepard and wide receiver Deontay Greenberry are two of the best players in this year's Notre Dame recruiting class. Both attend schools in Fresno and are very much familiar with each other, and you get the sense they want to play with each other on the next level.

And now Greg Biggins of ESPN reports that their commitments could be wavering after their visit to Tempe last week. You can view the thoughts of Shepard and Greenberry in the free section of his article. 

In last weeks West notebook, we speculated that a good visit to ASU could definitely give both players something to think about and that’s exactly what happened. Shepard, a standout corner and Greenberry, an elite receiver, both reportedly loved the visit and the feeling is the Irish will have to come very strong when they visit the players during the next contact period if they want to keep them in the fold.

If these two talents decide to start looking elsewhere, Arizona State becomes an immediate player, as do many other Pac-12 schools that offered both players.

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